How to dim the light of some particular and make light sources like fire in 2d side scrolling game?

I am making a 2d side scrolling game. There are some game scenes in the overworld which occurs in the night time. So I want to make the place darker. Without this property it looks like there is a bright person in a night background.(weird)
Second question- I also want to make a light source to counter the darkness around the campfire whose color could be adjusted.
Pls help. Thanks in advance.

To create a darker, more nighttime-like scene lower the primary light source’s (Directional Light) intensity to about 0.25, and change the color to be more bluish. You should probably also decrease (bring closer to black) the Ambient Color in the Lighting tab (can be opened from the Editor’s Window menu).

For the campfire, just add a point light source to the scene and change its color to the desired (a yellowish-orange for normal fire). If you want to make it flicker, create a script that randomizes the light intensity within a range, e.g.:

[SerializeField] Light flickeringLight = null;
[SerializeField] float minIntensity = 0.9f;
[SerializeField] float maxIntensity = 1.1f;

private void Update () {
    if (flickeringLight != null) {
        flickeringLight.intensity = Random.Range(minIntensity, maxIntensity);

This script is VERY basic, but it is a good starting point. You probably don’t want to change light intensity every frame, more like every 0.1 - 0.25 seconds, and the color should change relative to the intensity as well (less intense light → more red-orange, more intense light → more yellow-white).

Figured it out. Your idea was alright harinezumi, just i had to change the material of the sprite so that it woul react to the lighting. Now it is working fine. Thanks again.