How to disable assets autosaving?

It seems that changes I make into my assets are getting automatically saved, even thought I don’t save my scene or project. This is very hazardous “feature”. You don’t have a freedom of testing different approaches as you can’t return to the original.

I know there is “Verify saving assets” in the preferences. Unfortunately it does not work as intended. For example making changes to animation rig will get saved even if you tell it not to save the asset.

Is there any way to stop this behavior?

You can duplicate that asset and then modify it to save your previous version. Also, Unity always ask you if you want to “Apply” the modifications, when doing so you are saving them (that is why it asks and not just do it).

There is only 2 types of assets created by Unity that you can manually manage it:

  1. A scene is only saved if you click in “Save Scene” or if you press “Ctrl + S”
  2. Prefabs, you can place it in a Scene, modify it to test different behaviours and the press “Apply Prefab” if you want to save the modifications.

Other assets, like Script, Images, etc, should be handled by external editors, such as Visual Studio, Photoshop, Blender, etc.