how to disable dashboard shortcuts (mac os)

hey there!

has anyone got a solution on how I could disable the dashboard shortcuts while running a game
problem: I’m using the arrows (alternatively wasd) to move my character and ctrl (alternatively return) as action/shoot button. on MacOS the combinations
ctrl + left
ctrl + up/down are assigned to switch into the dashboard/app-overview.

for sure, there is the possibility to use wasd/return instead of arrows/ctrl - but still I’d prefer to somehow disable that functionality as my game is running.

in someone suggested to set ‘full screen options’ but still I’m not happy with that solution as I don’t want to force Mac-Users to play only in full-screen and I’m sure there is a solution out there to simply disable that MacOS function as long as the game’s running :wink:

thanks a lot for creative solutions :slight_smile:
(preferred language would be c#)

In Preferences > keyboard > keyboard shortcuts, select mission control and then deselect the tick box that has mission control. This is only for your use. People playing your game would have to do the same.


same as ‘iwaldrop’ I guess thats not a practicable solution, as it requests to take an ‘advanced’ action by the user in order to play my game.
changing the control-keys would be a practicable if-there-is-no-other-possibility solution :slight_smile:
as I mentioned above, there are already two possibilities available for the user to control the character (arrows/wasd to move - ctrl/enter to shoot)
even though I’d love to have a solution to disable the dashboard function during play to prevent the accidental activation.
additional, I guess that issue will come up often building for MacOS as the combination arrows/ctrl are very common in games as we know :wink:

anyway thanks for you suggestions - still hoping for a ‘perfect’ solution