How to disable default light in a fresh scene? (Check screenshots blow),

Note: I don’t mean the default Directional Light which is placed in every screne by default. I know how to turn that off.

Unity Version: 2020.3.12f1 LTS

I just created a fresh Unity project and wanted to make a dark surface with a spotlight, below which the surface should be visible. I painted the surface with a almost matt white Material.

Proplem: The surface was not black outside of my spotlight as it should be, because there wasn’t any light except for my spotlight. (Yes, I turned off the directional light).

The surfaces shown in my screenshot should all be black except for Sphere number 1 and 2. I added a spotlight which shines directly on them. The other spheres and the floor should not be visible at all and blend in into the black solid color background I set in for the Main Camera.

Maybe this is a problem with the URP? Maybe the objects reflect something? I googled a lot and didn’t find anything. Thanks to everyone who takes the time and reads my question.


What you see is the lighting of the environment where the skybox is the source. You need to reconfigure it the way you want. Below I gave an example of how to disable it altogether.