How to disable game elements for a fixed duration then re-enable them automatically, even if game is reopened

A bit of a newbie question here.

I would like to pause the game for a while then continue it automatically. Sort of like when building games ask players to come back once the building had been built; which may take a couple of minutes up to an hour or more. Most likely, the players would close the game and come back then.

I tried to use a Coroutine, but when I close the game and reopen it before the chosen duration, the Coroutine had been reset and the elements I wanted paused, had been re-enabled.

Thank you!

what you’re trying to do is access a static timer controller, basically a server, so that when time is equal to time plus 1 hour (or how ever long) it completes

Here’s the best tutorial i’ve found for implementing a time based concept, he uses it for rewards but the base is the same for what you’re doing. You’ll just apply it to your object for a specific task rather than a tournament or a daily reward etc