How to disable gravity after instantiating and give it gravity back in XR

Hey guys!

I am making a VR game using the XR toolkit. I want to instantiate a gameobject and I want it NOT to move and just float in the air. After I grab it, it should have back the gravity/rigidbody etc. After I instantiate it i use the following code:

gameobject.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().useGravity = false;

When I pick it up and drop it I set the gravity on true which does the job. The problem is, when I don’t grab the object but hover with my hand over it or touch it, it starts flying and floating through the area. How can I make stop that? I’d be grateful if someone can help me out!

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You just need also to lock its position and rotation using the rigidbody constraints properties.
You can do it for each axis or freeze them all with:

So it will not be “floating” on space.