How to disable logging in UnityWebPlayer?

I have created a html-page containing two web-players. Loading the html page using Internet Explorer 10 works fine. For each web-player a separate log file is created; after closing the Internet Explorer the log files are deleted.

Now I have created a WPF application containing a WebBrowser control. I can load the same html-page (containing two web-players) without problems in the control. However, the generated log files are wrong! The content of the log files is mixed up. It seems that both web-players write log entries into the same(!) log file. After closing the application, only one log file is deleted; the other log file still existing. In addition, the strange log file behavior - that’s me guess - causes (sometimes) a crash of the WPF application during application shutdown.

Hmm… the problem only occurs if the “Visual Studio hosting process” is activated!