How to disable Normalize in AudioImporter

After setting “force to mono” to true on my AudioImporter, I recognized the “Normalize” flag being true in the inspector. How to access the setting so I can turn it off?

string path = “Assets/Resources/test.wav”;
AudioImporter im = AssetImporter.GetAtPath(path) as AudioImporter;
UnityEditor.SerializedObject serializedObject = new UnityEditor.SerializedObject (im);
UnityEditor.SerializedProperty normalize = serializedObject.FindProperty (“m_Normalize”);
Debug.LogError ("m_Normalize = " + normalize.boolValue);

This can get value of Normalize toggle. I think set normalize.boolValue = true/false, then SetDirty and AssetDatabase.SaveAssets is also work.
I am sorry for my poor english :slight_smile: