how to disable the fps controller prefeb script

I have a fps controller and all I want to do Is idsable it but when I disabe ti with “fps.SetActive(false);”
the script still works and the script is the one I want to disable how can I do that?

In the Unity tutorials on disabling components (and the scripting reference) the way to do it is to use the enabled property. The SetActive() method is only used for GameObjects.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class Foo : MonoBehaviour
    public FirstPersonController fps;
    public void disableFPS()
        fps.enabled = false;

( _ the_ enabled property is inhereted from the Behaviour class, and MonoBehaviour derives from Behaviour _. _ )

use the GetComponent line,

var fpsController : FirstPersonController;

function Start ()
     fpsController = GetComponent(FirstPersonController);

     fpsController.enabled = false; // Will set the fps controller to false on start