how to disable the Skin Width of the Character Controller Component

I have a bug in my game that the Player is able to ignore the max slope setting by jumping.
he can jump on any sloped wall even if it is almost horizontal…

I think this bug is coused from the skin width setting. I set it to 0.001 that is the lowest that is possible but the player has still a skin width like 0.1…

Is there any possible code to deactivate the skin width so I can test if the player is still able to climb walls like that?

The skin width is neccessary for the character controller to have ample time to detect collisions so disabling it is unadvised even if it’s possible.

The error likely stems for somewhere else in you game. Perhaps checking first if the player is ground (Unity - Scripting API: CharacterController.isGrounded) before letting them jumping may prevent player’s from scaling walls.

I found a solution. I had set the Jump Perp Amount and the Steep Perp Amount to a wrong value. now the player cant Jump up the wall… but after loots of jumps he is still able to simply walk on a to high slope even if the slope limit is set to 43 he can then after lots of jumps walk a 46°… If he stands still he just slips off… If I find no way to fix this I will ask again.