How to dispaly list of images from server on GUI?


I want to display a list of images inside a GUI ScrollView. The images are located on a web server, and my only reference to them is a string array with their respective absolute paths (http://domain/images/xx.jpg…)

So far I’ve tried to put each image on a label as a texture in OnGUI():

// inside for loop

var thumb : WWW = new
> yield thumb;
> GUI.Label(Rect(x,y,h,w),
> thumb.texture, “box”);
However, the OnGUI() function will not allow me to ‘yield’.
If I load each texture in the Start() function, it falls behind the OnGUI() function, and errors occur because OnGUI() tries to apply a texture that hasn’t been loaded yet.
Is there any way I can make OnGUI() wait for Start() to finish, or is there a better way of achieving what I want?
/ Rendse

Well, one way to do this would be to assign a boolean “loaded”, and set it to true when the WWW returns. Then in OnGUI, you would check against that, and only try to display images when it is true.