How to display a window in screen ?

i want to display a window in left/right side of the screen. than if i select any object in that window that will effect to the scene… how can do that? suppose in the window i have cat,dog,duck assets. by default one will come. than if i select the object in that window that will effect to scene…

Unity GUI Guide

The example you gave used 2d textures. Drag and drop with 3d is kind of complicated but you can simplify the problem significantly if you have a 2d texture in mind that you want to then instantiate on the scene. You’ll need ScreenPointToWorldPointOnPlane, DrawTexture from GUI, Instantiate (at the position from ScreenPoint), and you’ll need Input.GetMouseDown(1) and a check on the location of the click to then update the GUI DrawTexture’s position to the mousedown location. On Input.GetMouseButtonUp perform the Instantiate. This will get you a 2d texture drag and drop that instantiates a 3d model. Could also instantiate a flat texture for 2d platformer.