How to display blood flow out of human body (3d) when cut with surgical item,how to display the blood flow of a human body when cut

I am making a virtual simulator that would be helping surgeons to easily teach medical students how to do operation.
I am confused that while simulation whenever a surgical blade will cut the human body, blood must be flowing out of that specific body area. I have seached about it but cant find anything related to this.
HOW can I implement this.
Need help. ,I am making a project that is about the virtual simulation of surgery of arm. I want to show whenever the surgincal blade interacts with any part of body (3D model) blood starts flowing.
I am confused how this would be achieved.
Need Help.

Fluids are not easy to render in 3D.
The only one I ever made was water flowing out of a tap. I obtained something quite realistic using a finely tuned Particle System. It was emitting a lot of particles to simulate drops of water merging into a single irregular flow. The particles were distorded spheric meshes using a very reflective material with transparency in its albedo.
Maybe this could be a start point for you.
If you want the blood to run along the members rather than spurt in a gory horror movie style, maybe you could use a collision module in your particle system, but it may have an expensive CPU cost.
Hope you’ll succeed…