How to display Damage & Armor Stats in UI


I want to display my armor and damage in my UI, however, I can’t seem to wrap my head around how I should go about this. I managed to display my health by using this line:

inventoryHealth.text = currentHealth.ToString() + “/” + maxHealth.ToString();

However, I can’t seem to do this with my damage and armor because they are Stat values.

Here’s how I set up my health armor and damage:

public int maxHealth = 100;
public int currentHealth { get; protected set; }

public Stat damage;
public Stat armor;

the damage and armor are derived from another script which is the following:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Stat

public int baseValue;

private List<int> modifiers = new List<int>();

public int GetValue()
    int finalValue = baseValue;
    modifiers.ForEach(x => finalValue += x);
    return finalValue;

public void AddModifier (int modifier)
    if (modifier != 0)

public void RemoveModifier (int modifier)
    if (modifier != 0)


I hope anyone can help me.

The problem with using the “.ToString()” function on a “Stat” object is that it does not know what to return. Should it return a string of “baseValue”? Or the “modifiers”?

I would choose one of these two options:

The lazy approach:

inventoryArmor.text = armor.GetValue().ToString()

Doing it properly

Add a “ToString” function to the “Stat”-class

`public String ToString() {

   return GetValue().ToString()


This lets you do:

inventoryArmor.text = armor.ToString()

(you may need to use the “override” keyword, ie “public override String ToString()”)