How to display prerendered stereo panoramas for VR

Simple question - Is there any easy method for this? Panoramas exported with 3d stereo camera from 3ds. Is Unity a good platform to perform well with this kind of tasks? Many discussions, no simple answer - that’s why I’m asking. Thanks for help :slight_smile:

No one seems to care enough to answer this question; I’ve also been searching for a while for exact same thing, best I found is this:

… Make a sphere, write a shader so that it is not back culled and it can be seen from the inside. Use the pano image as a texture on the sphere. Place a VR camera rig in the center of the sphere. If you want true stereo, create two such spheres with separate textures for the left and right eye. Place the spheres at the lcoations of the cameras in the rig. Use layer culling so that each camera only sees the proper sphere.
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A lot of very thankful guys are awaiting your help:)

Follow the instructions here. The author goes through the entire process in detail. Two spheres, two cameras, layer culling. Works like a charm. Where are you struggling @Kvatthro?