How to display profiling data on screen (Android)

Hi there,

I was wondering if its possible and if it is how to display Profiled data such as CPU Usage, FPS, Frame time, Draw Calls, Texture Count and Texture Memory via GUI Text or something similar.

I’ve managed to set up FPS easily however real FrameTime (before Vertical Sync) is proving difficult to access aswell as the others.

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:


So it depends on what all information you want for each of this information you have to use different methods;
I already this in past and it helps in checking out build performance on device.

For FPS you can use these scripts:-

For monitor memory usage usage:-

you can google these function, and you can display this on screen using GUItext or anything you feel comfortable with.
hope this helps?

So unity does not let you see those information because it seems it won’t allow you to use the PerformanceCounter class, even though it shows up on Intelisense (or I am doing wrong).

You could have a secondary program though, like a basic opengl or VS Form application on which you display diagram based on values fetched from the PerformanceCounter class.

You open the side application looking there:

EDIT: So it seems you can get the Performance Counter with Unity, see here Measure cpu and memory load in code? - Unity Answers