How to display Textures, Buttons, Created with Unity's GUI (OnGUI()) to get displayed behind other objects in Scene

I am making a game in which I am using OnGUI() to make Texture. I want this texture to display behind my Regular 3D objects like cube, spheres in the scene. I have tried and searched but I am unable to figure it out. Is this Possible?

AFAIK, It is not possible to draw OnGUI elements below other game objects as OnGUI elements are GUI elements that are supposed to be drawn on the top of other game objects since GUI is never supposed to be hidden behind other game objects as it would defeat the basic purpose of having a GUI.


I think if your are doing a 3D game it is not the good way to apply your textures.
Or maybe you are making a 2D game or scene with a fixed camera and some 3D objects in it? if that’s it I may have a solution. Tell me more about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I found this topic on the forum: