how to display the guiText number in limited digit

Hi guys, wanna ask how can i fix the display number such as

000000000000 <— i wan to display this number in my screen then the number count from here

000000000001 minimum---- 999999999999 maximum digit

any idea how can i make it?

Well this is more a ‘generic programming question’ than a unity related one.
What you need is relatively simple (could be solved in two lines of code with a regular expression, but if you’re asking something like this, I doubt you are interested in regular expressions)

1- set the maximum amount of digits to a variable
2- take your number and convert it to a string with the .ToString() function
3- subtract your number.ToString().Length from your maximum amount of digits and you get the number of zeros to add
4- create a string of zeros with a for cycle
5- add your zero-created-string-from-for-cycle to your number.ToString()