how to display the Input Text on a Different Scene? C#

I need to do a multi screen game where the administrator types in the attributes of the game on his computer screen, and on the big TV screen we see them displayed over the chart. Is there a way to do that?

I would say that you are supposed to make some kind of network interaction between 2 clients. You do not have to use any online servers or databases. It will be easy just to use localhost network and one computer. In this case, you create 2 different clients. The first one is the client for administrator. It has wide range of settings, so he is able to do his job. The second one is the game/user’s client. It is the game itself. The first client you put on the big screen (connect it to the computer as a second screen). The second client you leave on the administrator’s computer main screen. So, uNet or anything similar will work perfectly.

I could suggest a stupid solution for this, because I have never done this before. But this is the first idea that struck my mind. It should work.