How to display .tif images via script?

I am currently working on opening different image files within unity. My script looks within folders for the images and then renders them to a Raw Image. PNG & JPEG images are easy to open using WWW;

   public RawImage image;


    public void OpenPNG(string path)
            Debug.Log("Button surely was clicked: " + path );
            WWW fileImg = new WWW("file:///" + path);
            image.texture = fileImg .texture

However WWW only works with PNGs and JPEGs (as stated by unity docs) and I am currently trying to get .tif files to open in a similar way and I have hit many walls. This script does reach the tif files but is presented with a red question mark (as stated it would in the docs). I am having no luck in showing these images. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions to this?

Looking for a platform independent solution myself. On windows you can use System.Drawing to convert the tif.

var img = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(path.tif);