How to distinguish iPad 2 from iPad (1)?

As long as we don't have iPhoneGeneration.iPad2Gen - how can we determine whether an iPad is an iPad or iPad 2? iPhoneSettings.model returns "iPad" in both cases.

As the iPad 2 is much more powerful, having a way to easily distinguish the two would be really helpful to be able to add eye-candy; and it would be unfortunate if we'd had to wait for Unity 3.4.

My recommendation would be to write an Objective-C plug-in (PRO-ONLY) if you can similar to what is described on this thread.

For now I would check for iPhoneGeneration.Unknown as this should be most likely iPad 2 in Unity 3.3. Check this post

Maybe the graphics information from SystemInfo could do the job?




According to the release notes for Unity 3.4 “iPhoneSettings.generation now recognises iPad2”.