How to divide a soccerpitch into regions

Hie I am trying to make a soccer game using unity3D. I have managed to load the soccer pitch, ball and the players when the game starts. My problem is I want to assign players to certain regions according to the team’s formation. The problem is how do I divide my soccer pitch into these regions. I came up with a way of doing this but its not working correctly. The reasoning behind my method is I have a region which has a coordinate s its variable. In my SoccerPitch class I have a createRegion method which creates a singles region and a createRegions method which should create the regions all over the pitch. I am having problems in creating this. I am still new to unity3d and game development. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated

Try making an array with the positions they are supposed to be, then make them run to those positions. It doesn’t help that you don’t show any code.

I did it .I used empty game objects as my region(spot as such) added the soccerpitch as there parent. I used the mesh and the bounds to get the size of my pitch. Then used a double for loops to calculate the coordinates and populate them across the pitch