How to do communication between apps. ( Android )

So I’m making Android game and I want to do duels between users. For example user A sends invitation for duel to user B, when user B will enter game he should see notification that he has not accepted duel from user A, then he can accept invitation and play game, after play user B app will send to user A app score which user B achived, then user A should see notification that user B accepted and played game, so he can play game and if he has more points he won if not won user B. I just need way to send some data between apps, f.e score and invitations, users do not see each other in game etc. just need to send some data. Any ideas how can I do that ?

NOTE: My game is integrated with Facebook, so tell me if is there any way to do communication between apps using Facebook, if not I can do any other way, just post your ideas.
Thanks !

Hi Ellyot,
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There are several ways you can go about this. You can always communicate via Bluetooth, or even IRC. I think it’d be easier honestly to use something like Photon, which is designed for Unity. That way you’ll save time and not have to do much from scratch.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: