how to do night time level

i am making a game were a level is at night how do i make the level dark and also i need to have light around items like a rts game

Besides for putting point lights on objects you want illuminated, and getting rid of any directional lights you may have, another important feature are sky-boxes. Your unity program should have come with 1 or more, hopefully one of them is of nighttime.

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Again, to add to this answer, if you want pure darkness in the game you must go to Edit->Render Settings and set the “Ambient Light” color to black.

I would suggest baking lightmaps with self illuminated textures with a increased value on the Emission (lightmapper) setting. It also helps to have a pale blue directional light with minimum or no shadows (moon light). Point lights are helpful but unless baked can be very expensive. I would also suggest warm point lights for incandescent lighting, and cool blue/green point lights for fluorescent lighting.

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Give the items that you want illuminated a point light. Also, if you don't add a directional light the level will be dark. If you want to check that, turn off built in lighting in the scene view...

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