How to do + or - functions to PlayerPrefs.SetInt?

So I’ve been trying to remove 25 from PlayerPrefs like this

PlayerPrefs.SetInt(“removehere”, -25);

I know for a regular int I could do this:

removehere -= 25;

But that isn’t working for PlayerPrefs. How do I reduce the int value of a PlayPref by 25? Thanks!

Do you simply want to reduce the stored value, without actually using it? If you think about it in a couple of steps, you have this:

int val = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SomePref"); // load the current value
val -= 25; // subtract 25 from the value
PlayerPrefs.SetInt("SomePref", val); // store the new value

If you want to do it in a single step, without actually having intermediate access to the value, you could do something like:

PlayerPrefs.SetInt("SomePref", PlayerPrefs.GetInt("SomePref") - 25);

Thought, I’m not sure why you’d want to do that…