How to do Switching Weapon System

Well i’m making an FPS and blah blah…I need more than 1 gun, so, what’s the easiest way to do a weapon switching system (C# or JavaScript)? I have my Player Like this:
Player > Main Camera > PrimaryWep > M4; Bullet-FirePoint;
And my Gun script(Attatched to PrimaryWep, M4 is just the 3D model) works like this:

#pragma strict
//Weapon Script

var bullet : GameObject;
var gunBarrel : Transform;
var reloadSound : AudioClip;
var shootSound : AudioClip;
var emptySound : AudioClip;
var hudAmmo : GUIText;
var hudMags : GUIText;

var ammo : int;
static var mags : int;
var fireRate : boolean;
var shootTime : float;

var aimingDownSights : boolean = false;

function Start () {

	ammo = 45;
	mags = 225;
	fireRate = true;
	shootTime = 0;


function Update () {

	hudAmmo.text = "Loaded:" +ammo;
	hudMags.text = "Stored:" +mags;

		if(ammo > 0){
			if(shootTime > 0.1) {
				audio.clip = shootSound;
				shootTime = 0;
					} else {
	if(ammo == 0 && !audio.isPlaying){
		audio.clip = emptySound;
	shootTime += Time.deltaTime;
		if(ammo == 0 && mags > 0) {
			audio.clip = reloadSound;
			ammo = ammo + 45;
			mags = mags -45;

		aimingDownSights = true;
		aimingDownSights = false;

Well i’m thinking about crating another script like this, but changing the ammo and etc…Also i’ll make another Bullet-FirePoint(Position where the bullet is instantiated) and etc…

So what’s the easiest way to do this? I was thinking about something like: Inside Main Camera I’ll create another empty called SecondaryWep, then i’ll attatch the Gun2 script, and put inside another gun model, and the other Bullet-FirePoint…then use “activeSelf” to enable and/or disable the guns when i press 1 or 2…Can someone help me with this script? Also if you know a better way to do this please tell me (and please write the script, if you can)…

Programming is programming so either language is fine. C# is generally faster than JS but JS is still fine. I see you use java yourself, which I’m not familiar with but here’s a java tutorial on YouTube.

Weapon Switching