how to do user position validation on server without using UnityEngine.*

In the game client part, i use “Character Controller” and “Terrain Collider” to make sure the user stay on the ground and moving in a correct speed. In the game server part, i need to validate the position and speed sent from the client to make sure the user didn’t use cheating tool.

The question is, how do i do the server part without using the Unity API? the server may be a c++ server or a java server, accessing unity’s api like TerrainData.GetHeight and GetInterpolatedHeight is impossible.I imported the same terrain height data into the server, but i can’t find any info about Unity terrain’s interpolation algorithm, so i can’t get arbitery coordinate’s height.

i also notice that unity’s use PhysX’s api to do physic calculation, should i use PhysX’s api to do this job?

i don’t want to do too much effort to guess which way is correct, this situation should be quite common and many game will need to do the same thing. any one can help?


Just answer to finish the question, i think Julien is right, i will make unity run in headless mode as a server instance, it’s the only way i found so far.