How to do you import Spriter animations into Unity?

Hey guys, my cousin and I are working on a game together, and we are trying to figure out how to find Spriter animations in Unity after importing a folder containing all the images for the sprite and the spriter project. We imported [this][1] package from GitHub because it takes the spriter project from the folder we imported and finds the animations and imports them somewhere. However, we can’t even find the animations. We looked in the folder we imported, and one script and couldn’t find out anything. Does anyone know where these animations would be? Or are we doing this completely wrong?
[1]: SpriterDotNet/SpriterDotNet.Unity/SpriterDotNet.Unity.unitypackage at develop · loodakrawa/SpriterDotNet · GitHub

I think me and my cousin figured it out. You have to get Spriter Pro I think for it to work.