How to download MonoDevelop and use it in unity?

I’m using Unity 2018.1.1f1 (64-bit) and it seems that MonoDevelop hasn’t been installed !!

I downloaded MonoDevelop form This website but I don’t know what to do after installing it, I can’t find any shortcuts !!

Also…How can I use it in unity?

I know my questions are silly, but I’m still a beginner :›

Thank you

UPDATE (Jan 2021)

Since Unity 2019.2x release, Unity has made it impossible for us to use MonoDevelop-Unity as IDE (with autocompletion & context recognition) by removing the script runtime .NET 3.5 from the editor for all the newer releases.

Unfortunately Unity has stopped supporting Monodevelop-Unity on 2018.1.0 release. However you can still use Monodevelop-Unity by downloading the Unity Installer of version 2017.4.7 from this link: Download Archive , choosing custom install and selecting to install only Monodevelop. After it’s installed in your PC, you can select it as the script editor in any version of Unity.


You can use Microsoft Visual Studio instead of MonoDevelop. Visual Studio is Better than MonoDevelop in my Opinion.
Here is the Link to Download Visual Studio
Link: Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux


MonoDevelop should always install as part of the default installation so that’s a little worrying. However, if you’ve managed to get it downloaded you can tell Unity which script editor to use by navigating to:
Edit > Preferences > External Tools

You can then naviate to the executable of your prefered script editor.

Visual Studio only has a 30 day trial.