How to download oldver version of an asset in AssetStore

Hi, I just found that there’s something wrong with the latest version of an aseet I bought in AssetStore. I want to download older version of the asset, but I can’t find any links in AssetStore. What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunate ly, the Asset Store does not offer revision histories. You’ll have to contact the developer.

This is bugging me as well. I have an asset where, for some reason, components have been removed in the latest version and I need the older version. However, the developer doesn’t respond. Are we expected to keep track of all versions manually and download/archive them as soon as they come out in case the developer decides to release a broken version?

This is so unprofessional… Proper package should be auto chosen given the Unity version that launches Asset Store…

Same as it’s always been; profit first, customer satisfaction … never.

When you press on Downloads there will be a drop down list with everything.