How to download unity on sd card?

I have a computer which is offline and not connected to the internet to prevent any slowing updates from programs which really slows down my pc i use for the internet. So when i need a software on it i download it on a sd card then can move the file to my offline pc.
But for unity it seems i can’t do that. I got the hub, which is some sort of downloadable download button it seems?

Either way i can’t download unity that way on my offline pc since ill need the internet. so i tryed doing all this on my other pc but whenever i try to download the unity version it doesnt put it on the sd card.
Is it at all Possible to download unity on a sd card this way? (Im just trying to download the latest personal use btw)

I found a solution for this if anyone else ever has this problem.

Just press eject every time you remove your sd card since you dont want the unity file to get damaged or lost!

On a pc that DOES have a connection(where unity hub has to be downloaded in the first place) click the cog settings icon and in the settings you can find a option to tell it where to put the editor.
Then you can download the editor version on the sd card.

After you move the sd card to the offline computer you then copy the file to the desktop. Then in the hub (on the desktop) in the settings you can request a license which gives you a file. Save this file to the sd card and move it back to the other computer(with internet)

Then on your online pc goto to use that license request file on your sd card to download the license on the sd card.
Now you FINALLY move it back to your other pc(offline) and give the license to the file you already copied over and give it to hub.

One last reminder to always press eject on your sd card every time you take it out.

Also as a note if this doesnt work for the license i got the info from here

Hope this helped in someway! :smiley: