How to drag and drop?

I am totally new to unity 3d programming, and I am using the Shadow demo project prefab as base project. I am able to import the 3d objects I made in blender together its texture. Now I would also like to drag and drop the 3d object I made within the scene. I tried doing it via Component>physics>rigid body but the imported 3d object do not behave like you can drag it around the scene and interacts with other objects. How do I do it? Thank you!

I am new in unity too and I don’t have your answer but I have got the same problem and another one: I can’t export Shadow demo for android: compilor errors (no problem for windows export). Does someone have the solutions, it will be great to share. Thanks.
PS sorry for my english

I posted a basic script here:

It’s for dragging rigidbodies. It will probably need some adapting to your needs but it’s somewhere to begin.