How to draw 2D sprites?

Ok I’m sick and tired of this stuff. There is a whole bunch of info what to do with the sprites or how to make pixel art. But how do I draw or make a simple image sprite for my game? I mean a good looking character without a white background. Why isn’t there a single site that would explain how to do such a simple thing??? I tried drawing with photoshop, but if i save the image as .jpg file, the transparent background will turn into a white background. So how do i do it?

If you’re using Photoshop, then just create a new file with transparent background (How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop), draw your sprite, and then save it as .png (jpg’s don’t support transparency). Then simply drag and drop it into Unity.

It’s not a Unity-specific question, but there you go :slight_smile: .