How to draw a letter with an animation

So Im trying in my game to draw a letter, any simple way to do this?
Just trying to display something like this in the game Fancy Letters - How To Design Your Own Swirled Letters - YouTube

Thank you for your help!

There isn’t really a “simple” way to do anything that involves drawing something step by step on screen. How exactly are you wanting to implement this, as there are several ways you could do something like this but each has it’s own set of challenges to deal with.

I would recommend creating a sprite animation of the letter being drawn. This would be easy to set up in Unity with minimal code, but potentially time intensive for the creation of the sprite sheet necessary to allow for smooth animation.

The more “easy” way it is to make something what creates a procedural mesh while dragging the mouse, the tricky part it is to make the trace smaller or bigger, this to make the bold area of the letter, you need to thing like it was the line renderer from unity, check the documentation about it, cheers.