How to draw on a minimap?

How do I draw on my minimap in a color (in the picture, yellow is marking visited areas) emitting from the player, so I know in which areas I was already? Like this:

Alt text

Minimap from Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PSP)

So far I got:

The minimap camera is above my player and has a RenderTexture as targetTexture that I display on a RawImage component in the UI. Also I have set its cullingMask only to “Minimap” to render the objects that are on this particular layer.

If I understand correctly you’ll want to use Graphics.DrawTexture

First store the yellow as a texture

setup Graphics.DrawTexture with the code i assume you have that allows the game to know what area they have already visited before and to draw the yellow texture over that area.

I’ve never used something like this so I may be entirely wrong but would be worth a shot.

Here is the scripting reference and a reference to a similar question