How to Draw Particles Between UI Sprite and UI Sprite?

Hello! everyone here! I have a some question about NGUI Thing…

I can draw particles on UI but I don’t know how to draw particles between ui and ui.

I’ve searched already in google many time. and programmer say it doesn’t work his script. (I am not a programmer… :smiley: I am a designer cos He can’t understand of English )

here are the examples he said it won’t help with his script.

so… here Is What he want! check out below!

Sorry for my bad English!

I did answer this on the forums but can’t find my original answer.
In short the UI example asset on the Unity store shows a good example of how to mix particles and UI, you either need to put them on different layers or sandwich them between two screenspace camera / worldspace canvases.

I also found an old post discussing this very subject on the forums, check it out here:
As far as I’m aware nothing has changed on this with U5