How to edit fbx animations?


I have several free mecanim animations i got from the asset store… I was wondering if there is any application that can help me edit them… I usually work on blender, but apparently i can’t import the fbx animations in blender. So, short of going thru a big learning curve on 3dsmax or maya (Not to mention the costs…), is there any other option to edit these animations?
I did try with the curve editor in Unity… But that is not so convenient, as rotating the bones and animate by hand.



I use a combination of Blender and DAZ Studio (cheapskate!), although I admit it does sometimes require a bit of fiddling around/additional scripts/plugins.

Are you using the latest version (2.72) of Blender? There have been several recent improvements to FBX import:
FBX improvements: Import now supports armatures, shapekeys, animations, with shapekeys also being supported for export.