How to edit Tilemap Collider 2D boundaries

Hello. I am a beginner coder trying to create a 2D RPG game.

I noticed I can edit the shape of most collider’s outlines, but specifically for the Tilemap Collider 2D component I don’t see this option.
I want to make a gap in a Tilemap building’s collider, and don’t know how.

Can you help me with this?

Have you followed any tutorials on how to use the Tilemap for collisions?

I only ask this because you cannot edit it because there’s nothing to Edit. The physics shapes come from the Tiles you add to your Tilemap. It’s completely driven by the Tilemap.

Yes I have, that makes more sense. Then what is the best way to leave a gap? Should I use a different type of collider?

You can seperate the tilemap into two of them one for the entrance, another for the building walls and adding collider to only the walls of the building.