How to embed a unity game in a google sites website.

I am strugling at getting my game up and running on my google sites website.

I did a build and run as a webplayer.

I uploaded the game file to the files section on the webpage

I created a HTML box on the website and dropped in the HTML file that unity creates into the HTML box and it populated it with code.

When I use the site, I get the Download webplayer icon. When I click on that, it takes me to the webplayer download page. That is all it does. Even after the webplayer was installed.

I assume I need to link that game file to the HTML code somehow but I am not sure what to change in the HTML code to link to that file. Also I am not sure what the address would be if it is stored in the files section of that webapage.

Has anyone else embeded a game in a google site or can anyone help me achive this?

I haven’t tried this, personally, but this thread seems to be a related issue.

I tried that link. And it is from last years so I didn’t think posting there was the right place. Maybe help can come from here…

Using the method they pointed to…I no get the player to show up and start loading/updating. It fails and I get an error message that says:

"Unity Web Player update finished, but installed revision (3428003) is less then required revision (3508005). Please reinstall.

Of course I have tried reinstalling many times with the same results.

Any idea whats wrong?

It seems that the webplayer version that you get from the offical download page is not compatable with something built with 3.5.0f5.

I installed the beta version of the webplayer and that fixed all. It’s up and running on my site now.

Thank you very much for that link. I searched for days and didn’t run into that one.

Thanks for your help!