How to embed a website within a Unity application and interacting with it

Hello Unity Community,

I’m currently working on a project where I need to embed a website into my Unity application and enable interaction between the website and the Unity environment. I’m seeking advice and insights from the community on how to achieve this effectively.


  1. Embedding the Website:
  • I want to integrate a live website into my Unity application. What are the best practices and tools to achieve this?
  1. Interaction Between Unity and Website:
  • How can I facilitate communication between Unity scripts and elements within the embedded website?

If you have experience, tips, or resources related to embedding websites within Unity applications and enabling interaction between them, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Your contributions will help me and others in the community enhance our projects.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I hope it’s the other way around: embedd a Unity app on a website. Because that’s essentially what a web build is. Embedding a web viewer in Unity requires a web renderer, there are a few available assets. They may not nearly be as feature complete as a browser so don’t be surprised if they can’t do javascript for instance.

I would not recommend trying to do this except for rudimentary text+image display more or less.

Communication depends on the asset you use. Expect this to be limited.

If at all possible I’d advise to change the design because this spells like way more trouble than it’s worth.

Hi, sorry for my delayed response, and thank you for giving me valuable advice. However, since my product requires web display as a feature, I still want to solve this problem. Currently, I am researching the use of WebView2 on Winforms, then sending the captured image data to Unity. The result is quite good if the webpage I want to display is just an article, news, etc., but if the webpage displays dynamic images with effects or videos, the continuous data transmission causes lag issues. I am currently looking to optimize this problem. I am using Socket Services for data transmission. I hope to receive more useful advice from you. Thank you very much.