How to emit all particles from one spot at once?

Hey folks,

I’m trying to make a kind of nova explosion, or a shockwave (ring that enlarges at certain speed from certain spot), and I’m having some trouble. Tryed using mesh emitter on circle and increase it’s size, didn’t work. Tryed playing around with elipsoid emitter, it releases particles so that they are spread in location that I set with RndVelocity and Energy, but they are spread, so it’s not a ring. Tryed using shockwave prefab I found and changing its size over time, but that doesn’t work, since particles always face camera, and that doesn’t fit me. I’m using legacy particles because I need particle collider.

Any ideas?

okay, so i found this out. Didn’t know what exactly does tangent velocity do, but it was the setting I needed. With it i can set exactly where i want all particles to go, with single shot. Like a final destination setter, unlike normal velocity, where one shotted it just spreads particles in defined area.