How to enable a 3D Object through script?

This sounds like a simple question, but I’ve looked around for answers and every one doesn’t work. I’ve tried SetActive, I’ve tried gameObject.enabled but nothing worked. What is the right line?

Hello @Gavisoft , If by 3D Object you mean a gameobject with a meshrenderer so SetActive is the right answer.
Here a code snippet to help you:

    //We make a public reference to the object
    public GameObject myObject;

    private void Start()
	//We desactivate it at start

    private void Update()
	//After 5 seconds we reactivate it
       if (Time.time > 5 && !myObject.activeSelf){

In the editor you must drag and drop you gameobject from the hierarchy not the project tab.
I hope that will help you.