How to ensure some coliders are inactive when inside a certain GameObject

I’m currently working on a procedural dungeon crawler, and we are using prefab rooms for part of the procedural generation. Currently, I am rendering paths under rooms, and as a result, have 2 simple paths (one for vertical paths and one for horizontal paths). However, because rooms are of different sizes, my 2 paths will often overlap with the rooms. This is solved by rendering the paths underneath the rooms but won’t work once I create colliders. As once the player enters the room, there will be an invisible wall if the path overlaps with the room. the only other way I can see a way around this is by creating a different path for every different permutation of room size. However, If it were possible to deactivate colliders of paths once the players are inside the rooms I could continue to use just 2 paths. Is this possible? Any help would be awesome!

Triggers. It might be a nightmare, but this is all I can think of.