how to enter from one stage to other in road ??

112256-ask-1.pngi need help
how to make car enter this narrow road i use method of way point
in this narrow road i want car to go straight forward
but the way point at end of this narrow road may be at random position because i use (nodes[currentnode].x+=random.range(min,max))
think about this what if car in one narrow road and way point of it in another road it behave strange and turn around it self
briefly,i want car from the first track to enter the second track correctly and exit again i use way point method112254-ask.png

If I understand the question correctly, you want a car to

  • Select a road
  • Enter that road
  • Exit that road on the other side (?)
  • Proceed to a randomly selected position on the other side

If this is the case, then you will need a waypoint on each side of each lane (total of 10 waypoints). The car must first reach the waypoint at the other end of the road, and only then proceed to its randomly selected position.