How to enter points manually for EdgeCollider2D?


I was wondering if there is a means of manually entering the points for an EdgeCollider2D. The input boxes appear to be greyed out, and therefore I am only able to edit the edge via entering an offset or through the mouse driven “edit collider” interface.

Can I somehow enable input for the point boxes? Or alternatively (though not preferred) do it through script?

If you click on the “edit collider” icon while your edge collider is selected, your edge will light up green. At first, you will only have two points, the ends. But if you hover your mouse on the line between these points, you will see another point appear.

###Click and drag this point to create another point on your line.

In the end, this will allow you to create convex curves and pretty much any shape that doesn’t intersect itself

The actual input of numbers in the collider, I don’t think is possible. Besides, this mouse interface gives much more intractability.

Use 4.6 or higher version of unity to edit polygon collider edges. Then you can edit them in scene window by pressing down the Ctrl button (in windows).