How to enter text into input fields

Is there a prefab to use for polyspatial inputfield?

It just doesn’t work right now.

Input fields are working in 1.0.3!


niice - is this also unity version dependent

Not sure, but I did test a build with Unity 2022.3.18 and polyspatial 0.7.3 and input didn’t work, so that implies the fix is in polyspatial, though could also be a combination of both

how are u getting the input fields to work? i tried both InputFIeld (TMP) and regular unity ui … i’m not able to get the cursor to focus on it?

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Same problem here. I can’t click the input field to bring a keyboard up in the simulator

Yes, that’s why we gave up and went native for now. We need stable inputs, otherwise our users could not even log in.

Can click input field, but keyboard is not coming up on device or in editor

what do u think of a new kind of login where people connect dots like in the gaze setup

I don’t think thats the login most people want. They probably want a username/password

only if they have their bluetooth keyboard paired - it’s a pain to airtype a strong password

How would that work for existing credentials? We already have users outside the Vision Pro world.

a screen that tells them how to sync their visionpro?
could also be the option to enter a shorter 4 digit passcode instead. similar to windows login.

mind sharing the project this is working in?

Any update on this issue? Still blocked with not being able to display the soft keyboard in both the simulator and the device for TextMeshPro 3.2.0-pre.7.

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I had an issue where the virtual keyboard wouldn’t appear with TMP InputField in PolySpatial 1.0.3 + Text Mesh Pro 3.0.8, but I resolved it by downgrading Text Mesh Pro to 3.0.7.