How to exclude object from camera clipping

Hi everyone.

I want to add smoke object on skyline, but don’t want to increase Camera far distance of clipping plane. How can I exclude smoke object from clipping?

I fount solution of my issue. It is quite simple, but I should read documentation more carefully (.
I add layer 8 as Smoke, than assign it to smoke objects. I did following script:

#pragma strict

function Start () {
	var distances = new float[32];
	distances[0] = 2000;
	camera.layerCullDistances = distances;

function Update () {

And attach it to camera. This script means that for all object, which has layer 0(default), far clipping distance is 2000 for others(like smoke onbjects) far clipping distance is set in Camera settings - 5000.

Here’s a possible solution.

Put the smoke object in its own layer.

Have another camera that exactly matches your primary camera’s positioning and movements. This camera will have a far clipping plane that goes out to the distance you want to see the smoke, and a near clipping plane far away enough to make that economical.

Now, you tell this new camera to have a layer mask that only sees the smoke, and layer it behind the rendering of your normal camera.