How to exclude object from near camera clipping

This Question asks how to set per-object clipping to stop specific far away objects being clipped.
The LayerCullDistances property achieves this, but only controls the far clipping plane, not the close plane.

Is there a similar alternative which can configure the close plane?

What would the reason be for Unity to expose the Far plane, but not the close plane?

Thanks! Jethro

Solving a similar problem came to this solution:

  1. I placed the objects which should be clipped near the camera in a dedicated layer
  2. added a copy of the main camera component, and
  3. changed its Culling mask limited to this layer,
  4. set its near Clipping plane to desirable (0.05), and far clipping plane to 1 (which is greater than the near clipping plane of my main camera),
  5. set its Depth larger than the Depth of the main camera.
  6. Set the new Camera Clear Flags to SkyBox
  7. Set main Camera Clear Flags to Don’t Clear

This works in mobile VR mode also. Didn’t notice any performance issues

Is there a way to do this without another camera?