how to exit game while playing?

how can i exit the game while playing game and when player run under something like stone … and it drop on player and then game over or go back to the old place? but if it don’t drop on player the game still continues… ? how can i do this?

Unity doesn’t automatically allow you to just ‘exit’ like your wanting. Your going to have to script it in, or use triggers.

You didn’t exactly make yourself clear, so I’ll just leave this link with you:

Towards the end, Mirage tells a person how to exit the game. Just make it work with your game by calling from a function, or putting it in a preexisting function within an ‘if’ statement, and you should be good.

If you want to place the character where you were when you first started(after you fell), I would use triggers. They are pretty easy to set up after a few minutes of watching this 1. If you still don’t understand, or you don’t feel confident, you should look into the tutorials at this site. They are excellent, and have helped me tremendously while trying to learn the interface and scripting. Without their help, I probably would have been learning the interface still. :slight_smile: