How to export a full scene with timeline animations (objects, cameras) to Maya with correct offsets?

I’m working in pair with another artist and I need to have their Unity scene, which at this stage is a simple block out with animated cubes and camera placement/movement, to be imported into my Maya scene, in which i will animate rigged characters according to that imported blockout, that I will then export into their/my Unity scene without having to offset anything, drastically at least.

So far, I have managed to export some timeline animated objects from Unity to Maya and back to Unity properly. I simply export a GameObject under which the whole scene is parented (Export to FBX, world absolute for objects position), and then I export each timeline clip (Export selected timeline clip) as FBX, with remove start offset option off in the inspector. I import the GameObject into my Maya scene, import the timelines. It works under the condition that I Freeze the Transforms for each mesh before importing the timelines into Maya, otherwise, upon import, every mesh translates to the middle of the scene and start the animations from that position.

it seems to work decently enough for what i need, but there is one problem with the cameras, because you can not Freeze their transforms. To get around this, I attempted to duplicate the camera’s timeline clip and apply a cube, that has been translated to the same position as the camera, to that clip, and export that cube and it’s clip into Maya. Then, in Maya, i tried to position a camera according to that cube and parent it so it follows the same movement. Unfortunately it didn’t work, because that cube would go haywire after importing its clip animation when freezed. If not freezed, the animation does work, but again, it goes to the center of the scene. i’ve had more than 30 attempts checking and unchecking various options but nothing works

I’m not sure how to solve this. Either there’s a way to properly do what I’m trying to do. A solution i’m thinking about is to offset the cameras in my Maya scene relatively to an object I have positioned at the camera in the Unity scene, or either there’s another more human way to solve this. I’m open to any solution

I’m sorry this is such a long text

Hold your horses, partner.
Pixar’s Universal Scene Description for Unity exists!

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